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Le Jardinier is honored to retain one Michelin Star in the 2024 Florida Guide

"Le Jardinier," French for "The Gardener," is a collaborative culinary experience crafted by the Michelin-starred Chef Alain Verzeroli and global hospitality group The Bastion Collection. Rooted in the refined elegance of French culinary technique, Le Jardinier celebrates seasonality with dishes that encapsulate the land’s rich offerings on every plate, reflecting and paying tribute to the rhythm of nature.

Le Jardinier's produce-centric approach places the essence of seasonal fruits and vegetables in the spotlight, enhancing the meats and seafood they accompany. Situated in the vibrant Miami Design District, Le Jardinier is a haven where the architectural brilliance of Pierre-Yves Rochon intersects with the area’s modern aesthetic. The outdoor patio unfolds as a verdant retreat, while a black marble bar inside offers the quintessential setting for intimate moments & vibrant conversation.

The dining room, bar, and patio at Le Jardinier are available for a variety of custom group events. 

The dining room, bar and patio at Le Jardinier are available for a variety of custom private events. Reach out to our team to discover unparalleled, customizable Michelin-star dining experiences.