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"Le Jardinier," French for "The Gardener," is a collaborative culinary experience crafted by the Michelin-starred Chef Alain Verzeroli and global hospitality group The Bastion CollectionRooted in the refined elegance of French culinary technique, the Michelin-starred Le Jardinier celebrates seasonality with dishes that encapsulate the land’s rich offerings on every plate, reflecting and paying tribute to the rhythm of nature, fitting seamlessly into the modern, light-filled interiors designed by award-winning Architect Pierre-Yves Rochon. This ethos also defines the dessert and pastry program, led by Executive Pastry Chef Salvatore Martone, focusing on ingredients that take the form of whimsical and artistic delights. 

Le Jardinier's cocktail program was designed to complement Chef Verzeroli’s modern, vegetable-driven menu.  Drinks utilize high quality craft spirits and fortified wines, with an emphasis on stunning presentations and specialized glassware. There is also a selection of innovative non-alcoholic cocktails made with teas, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, fresh herbs, and house made bitter tinctures.

Designed by Architect Pierre-Yves Rochon, Le Jardinier's light-filled interiors combine retro-glam with a modern aesthetic indicative of The Miami Design District. The contemporary space features one-of-a-kind, custom-made black and white marble walls and floors, marble tables, metal chairs, and eye-catching light fixtures. Accents of greenery are present throughout the restaurant, including a vertical garden as a focal point on the back wall. A 17-seat black marble sits off to the side, with circular accent lights behind the glass shelving.